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We compare all major Energy Suppliers:

We compare all major Energy Suppliers

Compare Gas and Electric Prices

Both domestic and business energy bills are on the rise with gas and electric being 2 major contributors to why we are seeing a steady increase in cost of living. If only there was a way to compare gas and electric prices and not receive a shock from your latest bill from major energy companies. Well, you've found it!

Energy Switcheroo provides energy comparison services in the UK and works with our customers rather than suppliers. Energy Switcheroo has no direct affiliation with any of the energy companies and if you decide to switch to a new provider, we charge the chosen energy company a small fee, which is how we're able to provide our service to you for free. So if you are looking to compare gas and electric prices or for help with making savings on your energy bills then you are at the right place!

We make comparing gas and electric prices easy!

Energy Switcheroo believes that energy comparison sites should be more about the price, by providing an easy to use service to help you compare gas and electric prices, from a variety of commercial suppliers for both domestic and business customers.

Start saving now on your energy bills and you might be able to save enough to buy a new car or even go on holiday!